Fighting addiction can feel like being stranded on an island: you may feel isolated, low on resources, and in need of life-saving support. Millions of people suffering from addiction never get a real shot at purposeful, productive lives because of the crippling impact of social stigma and the inaccessibility of quality resources and treatments. The result is a downward spiral of feelings of hopelessness and despair, leading to further social isolation, which perpetuates the cycle.

This is intolerable. When people fall into addiction, we all lose. Our failed, blinded system must be fixed. 

Fiduscript's mission is to use the most effective, evidence-based solutions to provide life-saving resources to people online. We aim to help prevent substance use disorder and addiction, and to use technology to help end the social stigma associated with these conditions.

We know these changes won’t happen overnight, but we believe we are planting the seeds for a better future for communities all over the United States.